Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Legend of LIQUID FURY: a graphic novel

Hello all!

Welcome to the official blog for the graphic novel LEGEND OF LIQUID FURY co-created by Chris Chua and Kurt Christenson. Liquid Fury is a 200+ page black & white original graphic novel that is in the process of being lettered. You can see the entire first chapter up on the TenTonStudios website now. As future chapters are completed I will be posting them up there, and then posting here to let you all know about it.

Liquid Fury tells the story of Wulong, an orphan adopted by the wise and powerful Master Tze, who runs a small kung fu school to help those children abandoned by war and strife that runs rampant across the land. Along with his two older orphan brothers Mao & Jian, and Master Tze's daughter Wei-Lin, they are raised with the best childhood that Tze could possibly provide under such harsh conditions.

United Corp. is a ruthless mega-corporation that has replaced entire nations, robbing the land of its natural resources building massive cities, meanwhile plunging the rest of the world into chaos and savagery. Their soldiers patrol the wilds and take whatever United Corp. needs to maintain its domination of the entire world.

To this end they hire General Zhao, a ruthless beast of a man, who only ins interested in his next conquest, a new battle to win, a stronger foe to fight. But there are none that can match his brutality, his fierceness as a warrior. Zhao then uses United Corp.'s resources to build new soldiers, inhumanly superpowered lackeys who he sends out to do his bidding, all the while hoping that they will find him an adversary worthy of battling.

As Mao, Jian, and Wulong grow up, they long for more than the simple life Tze pleads with them to live, to help the villagers, to build a community. Mao wishes to make a difference, to battle against the injustice done to their people and so heads off to join the army. Jian, looking to improve his skill with the sword, sneaks off in the night to find a new master. And Wulong, unable to keep his rage in control, storms off from Master Tze and his daughter Wei-Lin, to head for ShenXian Mountain, to learn the ways of the lost kung fu style, Liquid Fury.

After years of training by the enigmatic Moro Grinnstar, Wulong returns home to make amends with his former Master, the man he considers his father. Upon returning home, however, he finds that the village, the school, and all of his family have been destroyed. United Corp. soldiers and Zhao's handpicked supersoldiers have abducted all of Wulong's brothers, setting up a factory where they will mutate the young boys into superpowered monsters. Wulong, with a grown up and angry Wei-Lin by his side, will fight these elemental demons to free their brothers and avenge Master Tze!

We've tried to include as many different elements into this story as possible; fun, philosophy, pulp, action, drama, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts, and art that we guarantee you have never seen the likes of before.

Through this blog I hope to chronicle the coming together of this book and showcase some of the movies, animation, and comic books that have influenced (and continue to influence) the creation of this graphic novel.

Thanks for reading.


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